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Sanjeet Raj Pandey
Technical University Of Berlin
Member of Technical Community NSSG


This website is made at best fit till resolution of HD screens(1080p).We also have our mobile optimised webpage for low data use and faster access.
Internet Explorer users are requested to use IE version 10 onwards.

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Special Thanks to (Discussion/Photo/Testing):

  • Sulav Duwal
  • Umesh Karki
  • Indira Thakuri

Special Thanks to resource provider for our fresh web:

  • Wikipedia
  • Google(Map/API/GAE/GWT/DRIVE)
  • Facebook(Comment/Links/API)
  • Flicker API
  • People who wrote information for you to read. You guise are great
  • Berlin Carnival Team

Interested Ones

Pals who wanted to lift them up with new applications designs and want to learn by doing ,are always welcome to our web presence . This is one platform where you can put your creativity to work , learn the latest cutting edges technology and try by yourself.

Happy Browsing :)