Carnival of Cultures 2012

This year we are not just going to be spectator instead we are taking part in Carnival of Cultures, cheers for that. our friends in Berlin are all excited to do there best and get maximum out of moment. Nepal's flag , Nepalese dress , Nepalese music and Nepalese heart will be addressed to hundred thousands of visitors this year in Berlin.

Gai Jatra at Carnival is organised with help of Embassy of Nepal in Berlin

© Daniela Incoronato Thai Smile 12. September 2011

"The idea of a carnival which presents the cultural and ethnic diversity of Berlin was developed in 1995, i.e. at a time when – as a consequence to the political and economic changes since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the unification of the two German states – a lot of social, economic and cultural changes happened. Due to these changes, to the economic decline of Berlin and the different economic levels and social and cultural experiences of people in East and West Berlin, social conflicts became more evident and even increased. This state of change resulted, among other things, in a biased and prejudiced view on immigration, which was reflected in the public discussion.

At the same period of time, Berlin attracted a growing number of artists from all over the world and a new cultural off-scene developed, which added to the cultural richness of Berlin. Berlin developed into one of Europe's music centres with a focus on different styles of electronically generated music.

There had been attempts to initiate a carnival in Berlin in the past. Those concepts which had been based on already existing patterns, like the carnival in Rio or the Notting Hill Carnival in London, did not gain sufficient support and could not be implemented in Berlin.

With the concept of a carnival which focussed on the cultural richness of Berlin, also highlighting the often hidden treasures of its international cultural scene, the Carnival of Cultures was the concept that was a success from the start. The idea was adopted by organizers in Bielefeld and Hamburg. Both cities celebrate their Carnivals of Cultures every year, based on the concept of the event in Berlin, yet still charmingly different."


We are preparing for it and every Nepali is invited to help or to motivate us by there presence. Look at our boys (pic) rendering themselves in costumes.

Would also be wonderful if it would start all around Germany.

Ready to Rock

Hari Om